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The proper coaching and teaching of the skills, techniques and the laws of the game are critical part of the rugby development plan to objectively train and produce certified coaches, referees and administrators.


  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Pride
  • Energy
  • Innovation


Our vision is to (Raise the standard of Rugby in Morobe) to create a rugby foundation that

  • is strong, dynamic, professional, performance based, and effective
  • delivers quality services and programs that give all, players, coaches, referees and administrators excess to enjoy the sport of rugby, with adequate human resources, facilities, equipment, technical coaching and strong and effective administration
  • capable of identifying potential talent and developing them to the highest standard of excellence, whether it be playing, coaching, refereeing or administration.


Our mission is to lead and coordinate the delivery of quality Education and Training programs to players, coaches, referees and administrators and create opportunities for rugby excellence.


  • The emphasis here is on Education &Training development. Develop skills and techniques of players, coaches and referees in Morobe Province to be able to participate in tournaments and competitions at an elite level.
  • Young people need to have the necessary desire to develop qualities that an elite player requires.
  • Coaches and referees need to participate at an elite level to be able to perform at the highest level requirement.
  • Develop Life skills after rugby


This will be the foundation for all future player, coaching and refereeing prospect to competitions at the highest level. Players & Officials will be groomed at a very tender age of under 14 up to the Colt levels in preparations for elite competitions nationally and internationally.


The program will be based in Lae and will target Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, and the Community.This will be develop over the years with internal and external assessment made to ensure the quality assurance and be managed with quality trained staff and professionals in the field of rugby as external service providers to the game itself.


  • Technical officials & Coaches will be equipped with high level training program set by the IRB, ARU or NZRU
  • The basis of this program is what may be termed as institutionalizing the game.
  • This means that Rugby is to be incorporated into existing programs of institutions currently in place or likely to be put in place, such that they run concurrently


2011 – 2012 Main activities:

  • Planning and Recruitment
  • Preparation for Facilities and Equipment.
  • Implementation of Competitions U/14, U/16 & U/18
  • Training and Development Courses.
  • Development Camps


  • National Government
  • Corporate Sectors
  • Donor Funding
  • Partnerships

Risk Management Strategies

  • Programs under the High Performance Training be effectively carried out with the appropriate and qualified facilitators of the programs.
  • Engagement of specialists in technical areas will be effectively done to invite qualified personnel to facilitate programs.
  • Participation of schools (Primary & Secondary) through advanced planning and notification of project implementation stages will enable better participation by all schools in Morobe Province.

Sustainability Strategies

  • That support from other external donor funding projects in terms of capacity building will ensure the progress and support of the project under the High Performance Plan by international experts.
  • Assistance by the funder in terms of progressive reports and monitoring visits on a regular basis will ensure the transparency of the Morobe High Performance Plan under funding by SCRUM, the Provincial and National Government.
  • The Morobe High Performance Plan (MHPP) programs will also seek financial assistance from the Public and Private Sector agencies to ensure continuity in all its goals and objectives in the longer term upon completion of funding by AusAID.
  • Bilateral partnership with another sponsor can ensure programs of the Elite Programs are well implemented and monitored using appropriate approaches and tools.
  • Fundraising through , registration fees, and other revenue raising measures will also supplement funding for the programs.